I have completed work on leveling homes and placing foundations under structures which already exist. I have used different materials to complete this work. Some sites I have used brick and mortar, others I have used either concrete or wood products. Most sites are completed with concrete, as long as a concrete delivery can be made to the location, otherwise I have used wood products.

For leveling I have either just corrected a corner or side of a structure which isn't level anymore. I will use the same materials which the structure currently uses to maintain the same uniform look. If the entire structure isn't level anymore, I prefer to use steel I-beams, they are placed an equal distance apart from each other under the structure.

I then begin the process of jacking each end of the I-beam one at a time to a height which is required to level the structure out. From here we will need to decide how we proceed. Do we build entire walls, or do we create a solid support out of concrete at each corner of the structure. A lot of this decision is made to follow the building codes of the city/town where the structure is located.

For foundations, I will begin by following the above statement on leveling an entire structure with steel I-beams. Once the home is completely level, I will begin to excavate completely around the structure for a distance of 4-8 feet outward and 8-10 feet downward.

I will begin to build the new walls, which the structure will be placed upon. After this, we begin the process of refilling the space by first creating drainage to remove excess water away from the structure and then fill and level the open area with a compact fill. Bids are based on material used and or square footage of structure.